Round Rock CCO

Has anyone been to the Round Rock CCO?
I'm equal distance from the San Marcos one, but I heard that one's crappy.
I'm just trying to decide if it's worth my drive to go to either one.
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Hi, I just went over to the Wrentham CCO in Mass this weekend and wanted to update everyone. They had tons of nail polishes....also violetrix and c-squeeze perfumes. They had 2-3 others but I cant remember. They also have the holiday eyeshadow palettes & mini shadesticks. The only pigment they had was lovely lily. She told me she had about 10 a few weeks back but they sold out. They had about 12 fluidlines also. Most of the current ones as well as nightfish, haunting & delphic (from lure). i was quite a few eyeshadows. free to be and boudoir hues quads. lots of shadesticks. hmm..also all 5 of the glitz glosses. they also had like 5 chromeglasses: auto de femme, pinkocrasy, technobeet, show coral. two others i cant remmeber..i think it was uberpeach as well.  i cant remember what else they had. but if ur in the area...def. go take a look.

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i went to the woodburn cco and found some pretty cool stuff like the lip gelees from who's that lady, some of the tailor made stuff as well as temptations lip stuff , violet and provence pigment, some of the tint toons, belle azure eyeshadow, li' lily, and quite a few lipsticks which i can't remember off hand. i found iris eyes, non conformist, royal wink fluid liners and some black cream eye liner i hadn't seen before. hope this helps!

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OK just got back from the clinton crossings outlet in Clinton, CT. I always find pretty good stuff over there....So they had:

Mascara: 4-5 fibre rich - different black.
the lip gelee holiday mini set
the mini shadestick holiday
all 3 of the holiday eye palettes
the teal lip palette.
they had a few of the older lip palettes and i think a tailormade.
tons of ccb's
they had about 3 of the blush duos. the matte ones and the tigerily one.
2-3 blushcremes...i know hunger red was one of them
a few paints.
4 glitter lines..the pink one..saucepot and mercuric
a lot of brushes..INCLUDING the skunk brush
shadesticks...sea me, crimsonaire...i think mangomix and a neutra one..maybe beiging

aquamelon, baumy bronze & mad i didnt get
they also had cleos coral kiss and the pink i dont want to go get all the names.

they had a ton of lipsticks..including three in the belle azure freeze..a plum one and i dont remember the third,
also had holidazzle, bronanzam, kid kat...cant remember more....
a lot of lipglasses...including pink lemonade, lychee, tartlette
some plw's - a pink shimmery one and hot tomato.

3 fluidlines...nonconformist, blacktrack & shade.
3 cremestick liners including creamola & cream o spice
tons of lipmixes and gloss cremes
a few eyeshadows including romantique & say yeah!
2 glitter vials
pigments in frost, pink opal & dark soul. they had gold but i snatched the last

both shadebenders
all of the shimmersouffles
shimmerene glitter cream

they also had some foundation stuff...but i didnt really look at that
the green capped perfume.

a ton of face stuff like moisturefeed, green cleanser, micro refinisher, shave cream, scrub, gentle oil cleanser (dont remember all the exact
one brush set i want to said tailormade.

oh and lashes...dont know the # i said..they had a ton of stuff....they are the best cco ive ever been too...damn wrentham mass never has anything!

sorry...wont be going back for a while - but if ur in the area definitely stop by!

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CCO at the Vanity Fair Outlets in Reading, PA

These are my recent finds at my mecca, the CCO at the Vanity Fair Outlets in Reading, PA:

Canton Candy Paint
Mauvism Paint
Pink Poodle Lipstick
Dubonnet Lipstick
Delights Warm Eyes Palette

As you can see, it's basically the best place, ever. Unfortunately, I will be unable to go there until this fall, as I moved home from college for the summer last night. Now, I'm stuck here in my MAC-deprived part of the woods. That means if I want any MAC this summer, it has to be from swaps or sales on LJ or I don't know if I can make it through a whole summer!

San Marcos, TX CCO

Hello all -

I went to the CCO at the big outlet mall in San Marcos today, and they had some pretty good stuff.

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I would gladly CP, BUT! I'm not going back up there for another two weeks. Sweetie Cake is definitely taking all my makeup attention/funding at the moment - you know how that goes!

That's all folks!

Wrentham Village Outlets, Massachusetts

Pigments - Blue Storm, Rich Purple, Frost

Blush - Flirt & Tease

Blush duos - Blossom Up/Rose Hip, Breath of Plum/Ring O'Roses, Cashew/Rosewood

Eyeshadows - Little Minx, Say Yeah, Rummy, Felt Blue, Oceanique, Living Pink, Contrast, Belle Azure, Steep

Lipsticks - They had a ton of lipsticks! Here are just a few: Russian Red, MAC Red, Captive, Up the Amp, Frosti, Sophisto, Glam, Mauvelous, Birds of a Feather, Shhh, Pink Plaid, Ruby Woo, Creme de la Femme, Lifesaver

Lipglasses/Lustreglasses - Dreamy, Angelwing, Desire, Damzel, Oi Oi Oi, Pink Clash, Enchantress, Love Nectar

They had a ton of foundations & powders, a variety of cosmetic bags, perfumes, nailpolishes, a shadestick giftset, lipgelee giftset, the holiday 2005 palettes (I grabbed the last Delights Trend (Olive) eye palette for $24!!!).  They also had a decent selection of brushes - I was a doofus and didn't grab the concealer brush.