September 11th, 2006

  • lola336

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Hi, I just went over to the Wrentham CCO in Mass this weekend and wanted to update everyone. They had tons of nail polishes....also violetrix and c-squeeze perfumes. They had 2-3 others but I cant remember. They also have the holiday eyeshadow palettes & mini shadesticks. The only pigment they had was lovely lily. She told me she had about 10 a few weeks back but they sold out. They had about 12 fluidlines also. Most of the current ones as well as nightfish, haunting & delphic (from lure). i was quite a few eyeshadows. free to be and boudoir hues quads. lots of shadesticks. hmm..also all 5 of the glitz glosses. they also had like 5 chromeglasses: auto de femme, pinkocrasy, technobeet, show coral. two others i cant remmeber..i think it was uberpeach as well.  i cant remember what else they had. but if ur in the area...def. go take a look.