MarKitten3 (aimeegomeow) wrote in mac_cco,

TN: Nashville: Opry Mills CCS

Pretty much everything I posted here is still there. Listed below is what I specifically remember from today.

Shimmerene glittercreme
Ice iridescent pressed powder
Pinker Peach / Trustfund Blush Double as well as three others I can't recall

Felt Blue e/s
Ingenue Blue e/s
Wonder e/s
Charmer e/s
Rio de Rosa e/s
Living Pink e/s
Plum e/s
Plum Dressing e/s
Melton Mauve e/s
maybe one or two other shadows
Art Jam paint
Chiaroscuro paint
Deep Shadow paint
Flammable paint
Graphito paint
Magrittes paint
Mauvism paint
Shimma paint
maybe one or two other paints

TONS of lip stuff (the same as above + some)
2005 Lip Gelee mini set ($20)
Several Tastis, including Sweet Brule, Peach Compliment, and Creme Cocktail

Purplette Glitter in the small vial (I didn't know they sold these seperately?)
8-10 of nail polishes
Same old ccbs
Girl's Got It glitz gloss + 1 other
Adorn shimmersouffles
Indulgence: 7 face palette
Nail polish minis set
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