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San Marcos, TX CCO

Hello all -

I went to the CCO at the big outlet mall in San Marcos today, and they had some pretty good stuff.


Like eight e/s, all mattes, I think, except for Say, Yeah.
The other e/s incl Silly Goose, Felt Blue, Ingenue Blue, Rio de Rosa.
the Trend eye palette

Also, they had Aristocrat mineralized e/s,
Crimsonaire shadestick,
Chartru, Existential (I think), Magrittes, Snapshot, Pixel, and Tintoretto paints,
Provence and Fairylite pigments,
three Shimmersouffles,
Waveline and Nonconformist fluidlines,
the holiday paint set and the holiday shadestick set


A whole bunch of l/s, which I did not look through that well.
Jewel lip palettes,
the 05 teal stashette lip set,
Tropicolada, Creme Cocktail, Sorberry and Bberry Lipglass Tastis.
A bunch of TLCs, incl Virtuous Violet, Plum Perfect, Aquamelon and Summerfete.
A few lip gelees like Slicked Pink and Jellybabe.
Some pro-longwears. I didn't even know what I was looking at until I came home and looked at Duh.


Various foundations, but all for dark skin tones.
Tigerlily/Bloomsberry and like five other blush doubles.

One off items:

BAPE Lip Conditioner (Blue packaging)
Leaf metal
One Shadebender
These square little mirror things - I have no idea what they are.
A big set that was originally $120 at Saks, it included a couple of palettes.

I thought I had done a pretty good job of remembering everything they had there, but I guess not! I'm an eye makeup person, so I remembered a lot more of what they had in terms of eye makeup. Next time I'll pay better attention to the other items. I totally didn't even see the brushes.

I would gladly CP, BUT! I'm not going back up there for another two weeks. Sweetie Cake is definitely taking all my makeup attention/funding at the moment - you know how that goes!

That's all folks!
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